Receiving an initial sentence of probation in a case involving a federal crime is not the norm. Probation can be ordered in a narrow set of circumstances, when the crime of conviction is not particularly serious and when the defendant in the case has no appreciable criminal history. A federal crime attorney Ft. Lauderdale can provide the specifics associated with probation sentences.

What is commonplace in the federal system is what is known as supervised release, a term akin to parole in the state criminal cases, that follows a term of incarceration. Both a regular probation term as well as supervised release are monitored by the U.S. Probation Office serving Ft. Lauderdale and the surrounding area.

Technical Violations
A violation of probation or supervised release at times can be considered more technical in nature. With that said, the failure to follow the terms and conditions of probation or supervised release is a violation, no matter the colloquial term attached to describe it.

If a violation is deemed to be more technical in nature, a reprimand by a probation officer may be the consequence the first time it happens. However, if so-called technical violations occur more than one time, a position of the probation office will be that a reprimand was not enough and a sanction of some sort can be expected to follow.

Significant Violations
A person that faces a more significant allegation of a probation or supervised release violation must take the matter seriously. An individual in this position needs to understand that his or her freedom is at stake. A possible sanction for a more serious violation can be incarceration in the worst case scenario. Other possible sanctions can include committal to a halfway house or placement on home detention.

Retain an Experienced Violation of Probation Attorney Ft. Lauderdale
A person facing the prospect of an allegation of violating the terms and conditions of federal probation or supervised release must be proactive in retaining legal representation. The process of addressing an alleged violation moves swiftly and an individual facing sanctions has less rights than does a criminal defendant. The best hope in resolving this in the most favorable manner oftentimes is through the skilled assistance of a tenacious attorney capable of negotiating a suitable resolution.