White collar criminal charges are being filed at record paces in the past few years, as government officials have become more diligent about pursuing even borderline cases that may involve defrauding the government. These investigations are continuing on all administrative levels, but especially at the federal level concerning certain activity such as false business claims to the government or medical billing situations. The numbers of healthcare professionals alone that have been charged with fraudulent billing may be the ones that are most on the increase. What this means is that many times cases are filed based on situations that are explainable when all of the facts are assessed. But for those accused, it is still vital to have a solid criminal defense counselor like white collar crime attorney Burt Stutchin handling your case.

Why You Need an Attorney
White collar crimes range greatly from small private business finances to large government fraud cases. All of those charged who are business professionals will need to defend their reputation and protect their business. In many ways, retaining an experienced business law attorney is really an investment in your personal future as much as avoiding a criminal history. It is always important to remember that the government is not entitled to a conviction, even though they can make defending the charges very difficult when they want to interfere in an adequate defense preparation. This is routine protocol for many prosecutors. Experienced legal professionals like Burt Stutchin who deal with white collar crimes on a daily basis understand how the prosecution abuses power to restrict a potential defense that could cast reasonable doubt or complete exoneration. Your legal counsel can conduct a full investigation into your case and begin your defense strategy immediately.

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