Operating a viable business can be a difficult process in certain industries. While simple businesses may only need an attorney at the onset when making the establishment legal according to government regulations, other operations may need an attorney on retainer because legal issues arise on a regular basis. Regardless of the scope of any business, it is always a good decision to know beforehand what legal counsel you would call in the event of needing legal advice on protecting your investment. This can be especially true when businesses are struggling and facing the potential necessity for restructuring, or even Chapter 11 bankruptcy in some instances. When these situations present themselves it is always very important to have an experienced and knowledgeable legal counselor like Burt Stutchin business law attorney in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

Opening Your Business
The most crucial time for any business is normally the beginning of operations, including meeting all legal aspects associated with the industry. Making sure that all basics of legal establishment are covered can still be a complicated issue for many industries because even minute legal issues can be problematic. Compliance with all government requirements is essential for any business that is planned with long-term growth in mind, and being prepared for potential legal problems is very important. In addition, the actual structure of the business should also be addressed, as there are specific differences between incorporation, limited liability companies, and sole proprietorships.

Licenses and Contracts
It is important for any company to make sure that all necessary licenses are secured and valid as well as having a legally sound method of maintaining business agreements. Contracts are vital to most businesses, and all owners should use the contract structure for personal protection as often as possible. Contract law can be very complicated and legal disputes will always present themselves in some manner during the ongoing business process. Many businesses survive or fail due to legal contractual problems, and having a solid business law attorney in Ft Lauderdale can be very important in maintaining significant cash flow and limiting liability damage.

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Any business operator in the Ft Lauderdale area who is in need of an experienced and effective business law attorney should contact Burt Stutchin concerning your business legal needs. Burt has over 35 years’ experience and serves the Broward County area.